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Launched in 2021 in the Pacific Northwest, we created Eat Me In A Pinch to help make healthy eating easier in our busy lifestyles. We strongly believe in the philosophy attributed to Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food." In other words, eat like you give a damn!

We are a small family business inspiring a legacy of health and wellness for all. Eating as Organic, Non-GMO and as natural as possible supports health and wellness. In addition, eating as Organic and GMO-Free as possible, also supports healthy farming practices, which in turn supports healthy soil, which also helps regenerate our planet's health.

We also believe in abundant living in which we thrive together. Nothing brings people together like good food! We all need to eat to survive. When we eat together, in gratitude and sharing, we nourish each other on so many levels.

Excitingly, we relocated professionally and personally to the Hill Country in the outskirts of Austin, Texas in early 2022.

Hand Made In Texas

Our first line of meals focuses on quick to cook dry mix soups crafted with quality ingredients. As a mompreneur, I'm excited to bring you healthy instant soups to eat in a pinch including Non GMO, Organic, Gluten Free & Vegan ingredients. These are gourmet soups hand made in small batches just for you!

Stock your cupboards with these dry mix soups, or take them on your next traveling adventure camping, sailing or backpacking. In a pinch you can add water, heat, and eat in about 10 minutes! Great for gifting as well!

This is only the beginning of an expanding array of products we love and hope you do too. Stay tuned!

“Don't start a diet that has an expiration date. Develop a healthy lifestyle that will last forever." • Unknown

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