Be Real! 7.16.21

Be Real! 7.16.21

Be Real.

Options are endless out there for all of us to navigate. Making a choice on what to buy can be daunting. Weeding through marketing lures and being fastidious with ingredient research takes dedication.

At Eat Me In A Pinch, I am passionate about developing this business with transparency, integrity and fervor. If I had to break it down to two words - Be Real - I think covers it well.

Be Real with our ingredients, Be Real with our story, and Be Real with our vision of abundant living for all.

Did you know?

With orders $75 or more, you qualify for FREE SHIPPING! As new small business, this is no easy feat, yet you deserve a deal!

We are so grateful for your support as we grow. So stock up on some favorites and enjoy free shipping!

What to think?

"I honestly did not know what to expect. They are gourmet with wonderful flavors. Bill and I really enjoy them. It’s perfect for the two of us working sometimes nearly 50 hours a week."

Thank you Deborah, owner of Two Sister Fine Jewelry Gallery, for your feedback! So happy you like the soups and they help you out! Shop Now

From our Kitchen to Yours,
Always Be Real!

“Forget about being impressive and commit to being real.” • Danielle LaPorte

Excited to be serving you!
In gratitude,

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