Behind The Scenes. 7.20.21

Behind The Scenes. 7.20.21

Behind The Scenes.

What we see of people's lives is usually a preferred snap shot of what we have chosen to share. Our lives, however, are full of many other moments that create our unique experiences.

I have found most people are surprised to discover our soups are made in a real commercial kitchen. When I'm testing a recipe I cook it in my home kitchen, however, all our manufacturing, storage and shipping are all conducted in our business kitchen.

In addition, we created this kitchen with access to our daughter's playroom. This affords me the opportunity to work all the while raising and homeschooling our daughter.

Did You Know?

This kitchen is legit! A little messy at times, but full of love and creativity!

In order to have a home based food business, this kitchen had to be built separately from our home kitchen. With a sealed concrete floor, stainless steel work bench, shelving and triple bay sink, it's been perfect for creating and packaging our dry soup mixes.

Making Soup!

First of all, I replicate a fresh soup recipe with a mixture of dried, dehydrated and freeze dried ingredients.

Once the soup passes a peer reviewed taste test, I produce a small batch of 20 soups at a time. I thoroughly mix all the ingredients together in a big container, then repackage the mix into the per serving pouches for purchase. Shop Now

From our Kitchen to Yours,
Always Be Creating!

“We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.” • Steven Covey

Excited to be serving you!
In gratitude,

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