Construction Begins! 2.2.21

Construction Begins! 2.2.21

Construction Begins!

As always, I'm super grateful for your support. I welcome the new comers and thank you all for being part of this journey.

Our plumber is set for next week to plumb in my triple bay sink required for the commercial kitchen. Then we finish the walls and seal the concrete floor.

One step closer to submitting the permit application for a food processing and warehouse facility for this budding enterprise!

Always Getting Better

The quest continues to follow the insane guidelines for product packaging. This has been a outstanding learning experience and evolution in the food industry navigating through endless rules and regulations.
It has been a gift to embrace the challenges and have fun with the process.

More Feedback!

I couldn't resist sharing this sign I saw at a new restaurant soon to open.

Meanwhile, here at Eat Me In A Pinch soups, John of Venice, FL said, "I had the tomato soup for lunch today. It was outstanding."

From our kitchen and family to yours,
imagine, desire, and act!

At the end of my daughter's children's book titled Sky Castle, author Jody Bergsma writes, "Whatever you vividly imagine, earnestly desire, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass."

Looking forward to serving you soon!

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