Eat Wisely! 10.14.21

Eat Wisely! 10.14.21

Eat Wisely!

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that said "eating junk food is so common now that when someone starts eating healthy, it's labeled as dieting." Have we moved so far away from a naturally healthy lifestyle that it's now a diet category?

What I have learned in my life of natural health is, rather than focusing on a specific diet, I embrace an awareness of wellness. This does include responsibility to do some research, a commitment to choose wisely as often as possible, and an effort to take action consistently with life supporting options. Our family has thrived with this philosophy in which we truly "let food be thy medicine."

Every bite, sip, and swallow we take can either elevate or challenge our health. When most of our choices lean into supporting our natural immunity, we are on a good path to support, cleanse and heal our bodies.

Passionate Review!

"I haven’t tried all of them yet. The last one I ate was Passionately Potato Soup. I guess since this is the last one, it’s my favorite (for now).  The taste was incredible - I ate the soup with some homemade biscuits, to which I add a little cayenne pepper. The combination was super tasty."
Don, Centre Hall, PA

Be Creative!

This was our lunch yesterday! Usually we make the Tomato Basil Bliss soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, but yesterday I made the Fiesta soup instead.

I added some fresh organic cilantro and avocado as well. It was a wholesome and hearty mid day meal that filled us up so much, we only snacked for dinner.Shop Now

From Our Kitchen to Yours, Let's Eat Wisely!

“Every 365 days your skin replaces itself. Your liver, about a month. Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes you. You have a choice of what you're made of. Eat wisely.” •  Unknown

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