Happy Mother's Day! 4.28.22

Happy Mother's Day! 4.28.22

Happy Mother's Day!

Sending love and well wishes to all the mums out there around the world, especially you Tutu!

(For those curious, I was born in Australia and still love spelling mum this way. Then I grew up in Hawaii, so my daughter calls my mum Tutu, which is Hawaiian for Grandma.)

Last Call For Mum's Day!

Enjoy 3 Soups in a reusable organic cotton gift bag with ribbon and gift tag shipped directly to your mother. Give her the gift of making a few meals super easy, healthy and delicious.

Or order the gift set plus some extra to enjoy free shipping $100. Then hand deliver your gift with a hug a kiss personally to your lovely mum!

Mum's Split Pea Testimonial

"I grew up with my mother’s supreme pea & ham soup. Even the thought of a bowl of her scrumptious soup brings up memories of a mega loving and happy home life.

I was excited when Brit-Simone shared that she was working on creating her Piggy Free Split Pea soup. I was more than surprised and delighted when I tried my first bowl. It was sooooo tasty and was the first primo split pea soup I have had since my mum’s that is as mouthwatering.

Not only do I not have to do all the prep and cooking it takes only a few minutes of stirring in water and voila I have a bowl of piggy free pea soup that tastes as good as my mum’s famous soup. Thank you Brit-Simone.👍❤️" AnnaKarenina • Las Vegas, NV

And thank you mum for sharing!

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Have a Blessed Day!

"I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become the greatest spiritual teacher there is." • Oprah

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