Honest News To Share 6.29.22

Honest News To Share 6.29.22

Honest News To Share

The Piggy Free Split Pea soup is delicious! I had to make something in a pinch, made it in a jiffy, and enjoyed it for lunch, nothing added.


In addition, as some of you know, we relocated from Washington to the Austin hill country in February. We are thrilled and love the lake lifestyle. We love the sunshine. We love the people here.

With a move, comes change in many ways. We had just gotten the Eat Me In A Pinch business up and running successfully in Washington. Uprooting a food business involves a ton of investment to rebuild, license and permit the entire project. You've seen our progress along the way.

We are still moving forward with this delicious and valuable product line. After careful consideration, we are however, pausing the project as is. We are redeveloping the business model moving forward in a way that takes me out of the production, packaging, labeling and warehousing.

I LOVE the challenge of formulating these delicious recipes; seeing what works, and what doesn't, when translating fresh ingredients into a dehydrated and freeze dried concoction. However, my time as a homeschooling mum needs to be as efficient as possible. Our daughter is my primary focus. I am so blessed to gift her my time in helping her grow.

What is left in my day is a small window of time for meditation, exercise, cooking, home management, and work. I am excited to announce I am getting back into the freelance world of copywriting and already have projects in queue.

For those who don't know, I graduated, with a communications/journalism degree. I have spend almost three decades in both the service and product industries; writing, marketing and promoting those businesses.

I love writing and I love the sales industry. I love people and connecting. I love being the wind of inspiration under someone's wings. If you or someone you know may be interested in my services, let's chat. And thank you in advance.

And stay tuned! EatMeInAPinch is still here for you!

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