Honor the Progress! 5.4.22

Honor the Progress! 5.4.22

Honor the Progress!

Life is always loaded with challenges. I have shared with you before the feeling of moving so slowly when we first launched our business in Washington. Now that we relocated to Texas, I'm having that feeling again, especially since we are a small business that is developing around a busy working and family life. And then there's the challenges, or depending on perspective, opportunities that pop up along the way.

We all have our unique personal challenges. I thank you for your support on our journey as we rebuild this delicious dehydrated soup business. Your orders keep our enthusiasm growing as we make steady progress!

An Open Doorway!

Hubby Marty most recently purchased and installed a real door onto the future manufacturing facility. The shed doors will be sealed off and this door is the first of many modifications this space will go through on a "weekendly" basis around Marty's full time career, homeschooling and family time... oh and other interesting obstacles like an underground leak in our sprinkler system. 😲

Reorder Gratitude

"My mama gifted these to me for Christmas. I love everything about the soups! I love they are plant based! Forever customer.❤️" Alicia • Tacoma, WA

Thank you Alicia for your feedback and your reorder! Your support keeps us excited to continue onward in light of our personal challenges, and also, the current global issues with the food supply and how it's impacting our small business.

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From Our Kitchen to Yours,
May our Challenges Transform us for the Better!

"Because every challenge, every loss, change, trauma, or hardship - has the power to catapult us upward. To make us bigger. Braver. Brighter. We just have to harness it." • Lyena Strelkoff

Excited to be serving you from our home in Texas!
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