How's Progress Going? 3.30.22

How's Progress Going? 3.30.22

How's Progress Going?

Sometimes in the day to day moments, it feels like progress is slow. Taking a step back and reflecting on all we've done this year puts it all into perspective. We packed, we moved, we maintained daily life and work, we unpacked, and we started rebuilding our lives, both personally and professionally, in a new space.
It's helpful to get out of the micro view, and take a macro view once in a while, and give ourselves credit for all we manifest in life. What do you need to congratulate yourself on that you may have overlooked so far this year?

Soup Kitchen Update

Thanks to the help of friends, we hauled this 8 x 12 foot shed onto our property recently. Our last kitchen was a 9 x 12 room in our house converted to a commercial space for production, packaging and warehouse storage. Since I hand mix small batch runs at the moment, these size spaces are enough to get the job done to serve you good grub!

Next Steps

As I work on new food ideas, hubby Marty will be leveling the shed and transforming it into a legit commercial kitchen for dry mix ingredients. We've got a ways to g,o but little steps are getting us closer each week around Marty's full time job.

If you need something though, we've got you covered with remaining stock prior to moving, so order soon before it's all gone!

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From Our Kitchen to Yours,
Acknowledge the Small Steps!

"It starts with a Dream. Add Faith, and it becomes a Belief. Add Action, and it becomes a part of Life. Add Perseverance, and it becomes a Goal in Sight. Add Patience and Time, and it ends with a Dream come True." • Doe Zantamata

Excited to be serving you from our new home in Texas!
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