Celebrate! It's been a year to date since we launched! 6.1.22

Celebrate! It's been a year to date since we launched! 6.1.22

Wow – what a year! A year ago today we launched the Eat Me InA Pinch website introducing a humble collection of 6 soups, featuring dehydrated, freeze dried, organic, GMO-free, quick cooking, single serving plant based meals! We are so grateful for all the early supporters in this entrepreneurial endeavor.

Equally, we are grateful for all the feedback. This year has shown us that our recipes are delicious. People like them and we appreciate the continued reviews! It’s one huge success to take the risks in time, money, and effort to create something. It’s a bigger success when you know you are providing value to others and they are coming back for more!

Not only have our clients enjoyed our soups in those “in a pinch” moments, when the fridge is empty and the cupboards are mostly bare, but we have also heard from people using our soups for emergency/ survival stashes and more. Customers have taken the quicker cooking Piggy Free Split Pea soup, the Passionately Potato soup, and the Summer Garden Chowder on backpacking trips. And many enjoy using our soups on camping trips.

Even though our line is currently all plant based/ vegan, have no fear dairy and meat lovers! Simply add the dairy or animal protein of you choice to tailor our soups to your needs. For you - vegetarians and vegans - you will find our soups full of nutrition and flavor without anything else added.

Our other added feature is that we do offer noodles that are either wheat or gluten free. It’s truly a simple, healthy, and tasty meal that you can heat and eat in about 10 minutes. Everything you need is in the pouch, except the water you add, and the pot with which you need to cook. The seasoning in each pouch is meant to satisfy!

We have 9 shelf stable soups to help you make a healthy meal quickly.

·      Chummy Chili

·      Fiesta soup – like tortilla soup, sans the tortilla chips

·      Herbaceously Henless soup – our non-chicken chicken noodle soup

·      Kusalin Curry – an Indian curry

·      Passionately Potato soup

·      Piggy Free Split Pea soup

·      Summer Garden Chowder

·      Tantalizing Thai – a Thai curry soup

·      Tomato Basil Bliss soup

More options are in the making, however as a small business with recipes formulated by me, a homeschooling mompreneur, we are balancing our work/family life as we grow. Not only that, but we also moved both personally and professionally in the last year from Washington state to Texas in the hill country outside of Austin.

Our launch went from our online presence last June, to events and Farmers Markets in the Pacific Northwest. Then in the middle of winter we made our big move. Now that we are enjoying more sun than rain, we are rebuilding our lives and our Eat Me In A Pinch soups business.

Considering all we’ve gone through in the last year, we couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and support. Starting a grass roots business is a big endeavor and we look forward to continuing to create delicious and healthy meal options for you.

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