It's in the mail! 4.20.21

It's in the mail! 4.20.21

It's in the mail!

The soup saga continues! The application for our commercial kitchen permit is in the mail. Now we wait for the Washington State Department of Agriculture to inspect and approve us!

Thank you for being part of this blossoming business journey. The support and feedback helps build our foundation and we are grateful!

Passionate Feedback!

Thank you Jem of Redmond, WA for your feedback on the Passionately Potato soup. What was suppose to be saved for camping trips, was instead quickly consumed at home.

"The cooking time is almost instant with this soup and it's thick. We used it as mashed potatoes with another dish I cooked. Delicious!"

Our Biggest Fan!

Mum's are the best! Thank you mum for all your love, support, sampling and distribution!

It's this kind of grass routes enthusiasm that gets the word out, or rather the soup out, into more people's hand than we could on our own. We are making this happen thanks to all of you out there!

From our kitchen and family to yours,
thank you all for your support!

“We can see that all the desirable experiences that we cherish, or aspire to attain, are dependent upon cooperation and interaction with other sentient beings.” • Dalai Lama

Looking forward to serving you soon.
In gratitude,

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