Moving Along 1.26.21

Moving Along 1.26.21

Moving Along...

Welcome all new Eager Eaters! It's inspiring to see the interest and email list grow! And thank you Tribe for sharing the journey with me as I develop this yummy soup business to share right back with you.

We are about to get started with construction on my commercial soup kitchen at home! This means:

As I have mentioned before, sometimes this process feels like it's going extremely slow. So much research and deliberation are required. I am learning to lean into the process with gratitude. A good life lesson.

Why Are These Special?

We eat as organically as possible at home. We live a holistic lifestyle with the Hippocrates philosophy of "let food be thy medicine." This has kept us all very healthy for decades.

I make what I eat, so these dry mix ingredients are almost all organic, GMO-free, additive free, and funky ingredient free.

What to Anticipate?

This first line of soups are designed to cook quickly so you can eat a delicious and nutritious meal in a pinch of time and get back to the busy life we live, or enjoying the amazing traveling adventure you're experiencing.

Enjoy in about 10 minutes of cooking with water and stirring frequently.

From our kitchen and family to yours,
lean in with gratitude!

I am currently reading the Tao of Pooh and appreciate the Taoism belief, "When living with the Way, life is happy." I'm working on it!

Looking forward to serving you soon!

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