Open For Business! 6.2.21

Open For Business! 6.2.21

Open For Business!

A few years ago we had an idea. Last fall we started taking action on that idea. Around a busy life, and raising and homeschooling our daughter, we are finally seeing it take shape! Yesterday, upon inspection, we were given approval to be open for business!  

Thank you for being with us on this journey. It's a slow and steady process, but progress it is!

"I want to order! What is your website?"
We have a little more work to do before publishing the website, however, if you want to order right now, we have soup for you!
We can take email or phone orders with payment through PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay.


Chummy Chili

Fiesta (like tortilla soup)

Passionately Potato

Herbaceously Henless
Tantalizing Thai
Tomato Basil Bliss

Made with Organic, GMO-Free ingredients; Wheat or Gluten Free Pasta; and all Vegan to date.
Perfect for last minute meals or camping adventures!

Kitchen Approved!

A big part of a food business is working with the government through communications, inspections, and permits in order to provide safe consumable products with a safe and healthy working environment.

It was a tedious process to create a home based commercial kitchen, plus be patient with all the delays of current times, but we did it!

Side Dish Possibilities!

"Couldn't think of anything to go with our tuna and broccolini for dinner until we found our package of Herbaceously Henless soup! It was a delicious accompaniment to our delightful dinner! Thank you EatMeInAPinch for making this possible!"
Thank you Jem of Redmond, WA for your feedback!

From our kitchen and family to yours,
let us help you add more taste, health and delight to your meals!

“If you keep good food in your home, you will eat good food.” • Unknown

Looking forward to serving you NOW! (:
In gratitude,

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