Pea Soup Debuts! 9.8.21

Pea Soup Debuts! 9.8.21

Pea Soup Debuts!

I am so excited to debut our 8th soup! This is a tricky process trying to emulate fresh ingredients, as well as, rich flavor depth from plant based sources, all in a dry mix quick cooking formula.

All our soups are:

This new split pea soup includes a touch of organic "vegan bacon" bits, (textured smoky flavored soy protein), to help recreate that beloved broth taste. You will also enjoy the spice savory, as well as, carrot, onion, celery and more. Check it out!

Pea Soup Now Available!

People loved the Piggy Free Split Pea Soup at the weekend Farmers Market. In fact, all the soups are appreciated so far!

Other Farmers Market feedback I'm hearing is that people love the quick cooking feature. These soups include everything for a fabulous tasting soup making life simpler, when you need it to be!

Fiesta Fun!

I love hearing your feedback and culinary adventures with EatMeInAPinch Soups! Keep it coming!

Thanks Mickie of Lacey, WA... "I added ground buffalo and cream to this, the Fiesta Soup (liken to tortilla soup), and will add fresh avocado when I serve it. It’s to die for already though."Shop Now

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“Turns out that people who try new things, go new places, learn new skills, etc. are happier. This can be tough, because novelty and challenge also bring frustration and irritation - but if you can push through that, novelty and challenge can bring enormous happiness rewards.” • Gretchen Rubin

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