Share More Stories! 4.21.22

Share More Stories! 4.21.22

Share More Stories!

Eat Me In A Pinch thrives because you are enjoying the food. Keep the stories and photos coming. We love hearing what you liked, and also want to know how we can improve and expand our line.

Client Feedback

"I made the Gluten Free Fiesta soup for my mom and I, and added black beans and avocado. The combination could not be more delicious and filling! 1 soup was enough for us to share and it took no time at all to make during our busy work day. My mom who is not GF loved the noodles!! Thank you Eat Me in a Pinch for keeping our work day on track and nutritious! 😀" Jenni • Naples, ID

Health Tip

Did you know you can enjoy the Antioxidant Health Benefits of Turmeric by:
• Adding just 1/4 Tsp powder to your food daily.
• Add equal parts Black Pepper & boost blood stream absorption up to 2000%!
• Boost bioavailability with a fat source like coconut oil.
• Eating turmeric with naturally occurring curcumin and turmerones may offer greater health benefits than curcumin alone.
• Fresh or powdered turmeric are super affordable for tasty daily consumption.
• If supplements are your thing, then get that goodness in you and don’t miss out!
• Choose Organic when possible.
• Enjoy turmeric in many of our soups!

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"The beauty of 'Food as Medicine' is that the choice to heal and promote health can begin as soon as the next meal." • Unknown

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