Spontaneity Challenges. 7.28.21

Spontaneity Challenges. 7.28.21

Spontaneity Challenges

Do you ever feel like you're To Do list is overwhelming? Honestly, I've got a ton on my plate right now and staying consistent is challenging.

Usually I am full of excitement and ideas for my weekly email. This week I am still waiting on back ordered new ingredients to work with. My energy is also focused on my overall marketing plan.

What is known for certain in life is consistency in doing the right thing pays off;  whatever that might be for... nutrition, exercise, or even in this case, growing a business.

Little Taste Testers

Here lies another moment of spontaneity challenged: two moms trying to capture a good picture of our BFF daughters eating the Passionately Potato Soup.

They were playful. It was laughably hard to photograph them. Then after the photo my daughter said she doesn't like the soup anymore. LOL!

Feedback Wanted!

A mompreneur food biz friend said her pickles sell like crazy when people can taste test them.

Since Eat Me In A Pinch is predominantly online, I would be so grateful for more of YOUR HONEST FEEDBACK. I know these soups taste great, yet my taste buds differ from yours, and your feedback helps me create better meals! Please help! Shop Now

From our Kitchen to Yours,
Always Be Consistent!

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” • John Maxwell

Excited to be serving you!
In gratitude,

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