Taking Care of Ourselves. 5/4/21

Taking Care of Ourselves. 5/4/21

Taking Care of Ourselves.

Our health is our gateway to a happy life. What we put in our bodies either supports our wellness or the opposite. After years of eating organic and GMO-free, we are excited to be launching healthy options to share with you soon.

It's so important to find balance in our crazy world, enjoy the journey, stay healthy, keep learning, get out in nature, spread some love, and eat well!

Our Mini Kitchen!

As we play the waiting game for permits, our kitchen is looking good.

I was thrilled to find an anti-fatigue mat with a message we imbue into our lives, both personally and professionally. "Happiness is a kitchen full of love." You can make a big difference in the world with good food, and lots of love.

Soup Addition Ideas.

We ate our Herbaceously Henless soup the other night as a main meal.

Although chicken would be an obvious fit, I complemented the soup with fresh cubed organic tofu. For those of you who enjoy tofu, it tasted really good. Had I had some fresh kale, I would have wilted some in there too.

From our kitchen and family to yours,
eat well, share meals, give love!

“Cooking with love provides food for the soul.” • Unknown

Looking forward to serving you soon.
In gratitude,

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