Thank you Supporters! 2.9.21

Thank you Supporters! 2.9.21

Thank you Supporters!

Without you, I wouldn't be doing all this. Thank you all for your interest!

And a special thanks to all the taste testing supporters. Your contribution is helping me dial in on all the details to make premier final products.

Thank you Jem of Redmond, WA! Thank you Becky of Puyallup, WA!

Vegan and Gluten Free

Of the soups I've created to date, all are vegan. Any recipe that has wheat pasta is also offered with gluten free pasta.

All ingredients are Non-GMO and more than 70% are organic. Here is the Chummy Chili in both Vegan and Vegan/Gluten Free options.

Feedback Fun!

Thank you Carolyn, owner of Baby (cloth) Diaper Service in Seattle, WA for your review and photo of your Tomato Basil Bliss soup. "Easy and delicious."

Together we share the philosophy of offering healthy and environmentally friendly customer choices.

From our kitchen and family to yours,
cheers to the what lay ahead!

In gratitude and excitement, I'm off to empty out my soup kitchen for the plumber coming to install my triple bay sink tomorrow!

Looking forward to serving you soon!

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