Vision in Motion! 5.18.21

Vision in Motion! 5.18.21

Vision in Motion!

It's so exciting to see this project come together. From concept, to research and development, to recipe formulation, to kitchen build out, to licenses, inspections and permits, website development and marketing.

All the pieces of the puzzle are starting to form clear picture. The vision is alive and we close to an official launch!

Website Sneak Peek!

Thanks to the help of our web developer, our site is looking great!

We still have lots to do, but it's an exciting evolution. There's a ton of research involved on our end to be sure we provide all the helpful and required information for the best customer experience.

Fiesta Soup Update!

We had some friends sample the new Fiesta soup for honest feedback and they loved it!

We ate a few bites without any toppings for a good review, then added our own tortilla chips, plus lightly salted cubed avocados, diced tomatoes and a little shredded cheese. Delicious!

From our kitchen and family to yours,
let us know your ideas!

“Creating is about sharing ideas. sharing aesthetics, sharing what you believe in with other people.” • Shepard Fairey

Seriously, what other soups would you like to see available? We'd love your feedback!

Looking forward to serving you soon.
In gratitude,

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