What? Piggy Free Split Pea? 8.25.21

What? Piggy Free Split Pea? 8.25.21

What? Piggy Free Split Pea?

Yes, it is truly possible to create a plant based savory split pea soup. I designed this soup with instant split peas, potato flakes, lots of seasoning, including savory, and some smokey vegan unbacon bits made with organic soy protein.

So far the first run tastes great! I'm testing it a few more times with some minor tweaks and will launch the soup very soon!

Keep in mind, winter is coming! Stocking up on your favorite long lasting shelf stable EatMeInAPinch soups will keep you satiated on those in a pinch moments you need something fast and easy!

Public Feedback

Thanks to the local Woodinville WA Farmers Market, EatMeInAPinch is making headway with the general public. People are thrilled with the idea of self stable, quick cooking, healthy and tasty options to alleviate culinary pressure at the end of a busy day.

Locals mark your calendars - Oct 2-3 for the Issaquah Salmon Days festival.

Warm Reception

Creating something is one thing, making it taste great is another, packaging it for others to enjoy.. another challenge and then getting endless feedback of how yummy the soups are... PRICELESS!

We are so grateful for all the emails, texts, and calls with your feedback. It is encouraging and inspiring. Stay tuned... Piggy Free Split Pea soup is coming soon!

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