What Sets Us Apart? 11.17.21

What Sets Us Apart? 11.17.21

What Sets Us Apart?

Why do we even bother when there's plenty of competition?

We are innovating the dehydrated food industry with tasty, all inclusive, healthy, quick cooking meals that can sustain us anywhere anytime. Combining taste, health and speed, without compromise, is our thing! "One day, you may even find Eat Me In a Pinch options on Elon Musk's colonized Mar's community," said Marty, our corporate visionary.

And your feedback helps us get there! Our most recent testimonial comes from friends we've known for over a decade with whom we used to enjoy eating organic raw plant based meals together.

Perfect Review

"We both LOVE your soups!!! I have no other feedback than that they are perfect. I wasn’t surprised that they are as good as they are though, you’ve always made such good food.

And your shipment arrived only a little over 24 hours after I placed the order. We for sure are ordering more!" • Sean, Tacoma WA

Friendsgiving Special

Annually at our home we celebrate Thanksgiving with a additional Friendsgiving Potluck. Through all the crazy deals and sales, lest we forget the true meaning of the season with gratitude for our abundance in harvest and community.

Honestly, we are not big on crazy sale events and we believe in charging fairly year round. Additionally, with inflation effecting our ingredients, we are however, keeping prices steady for you and, in the spirit of Friendsgiving, have added FREE eco-friendly gift wrap with our 9 soup set.Get The Set

From Our Kitchen to Yours,
Happy Friendsgiving!

Thanksgiving Recipe for Friendship (from girlfriendology)

In gratitude,

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