What Would You Do? 3.16.22

What Would You Do? 3.16.22

What Would You Do?

Happy St Patrick's Day! Wow, this year is moving along! Now that we have relocated, we have a question for you. What would you do?

In the Pacific Northwest, we had our commercial kitchen in a separate room in our house. That way I can work part time on the soup business around home schooling our daughter with my husband.

Our new home does not have that extra space. We can either convert half of our garage into a commercial kitchen or set up a separate workshop building on the property. Either way, all the commercial kitchen food safety plumbing, electrical, insulation, air conditioning, sealed walls and floors requirements are necessary. We would love your input and suggestions.

Piggy Free Saves Dinner

I love it when our soups save the day, or in this case dinner. It was getting late last night and I didn't want to launch into much food prep. The Piggy Free Split Pea soup provided a healthy and tasty meal.

Hubby added shredded turkey for additional protein. (Note - even thought these are plant based, you can always add your protein of choice.) I added parmesan and chili pepper. It had been a while since we ate this soup. Absolutely Delicious!

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